Spire will require a reboot.

Spire is no longer supported, and does not support iOS 5.1 or later. Updates are not being developed.

Please read below before installing.

Awesome Multitasking
Free Your Icons
Unlimited Folders
Scrolling Dock
Vertical Paging

Spire is a simple installer for Siri on any iPhone or iPod on iOS 5.0. Spire downloads and installs a copy of the Siri frameworks and resources. On the iPhone 4S, it allows configuring a proxy easily.

Spire will download 100 MB while installing (except on the iPhone 4S). Please connect to Wi-Fi before installing Spire.

Siri requires a valid authentication token to connect to Apple. We can't provide those, but a proxy server from you or someone else can. Siri will not work without a proxy configured.

Be sure to read the privacy warnings before using a third-party proxy.

  • Fix a typo.
  • Support the iPhone 4S.
  • Initial release.