Maximizer is Lion's full-screen apps, but for every app. It adds support for Lion's full-screen to apps like Chrome and Firefox (which haven't yet been updated to support it) as well as ones like TextMate, which might never gain that support. It should work with any Cocoa app, but not Carbon ones.

To use Maximizer, you have to install SIMBL and then put Mazimizer.bundle inside ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins (or in the same folder in /, if you want it globally available). I probably can't help you get this installed; maybe read the SIMBL website if you get confused?

Note: Maximizer beta software, and likely has compatibility issues with many apps. Some apps that work perfectly in full-screen without Maximizer might break with it, and some might not work at all. If you have issues, I'd appreciate an email with the last few hundred lines to help me debug.

(Hopefully soon, I'll be able to move Maximizer over to CydiaSubstrate, which will fix a number of issues. I'm not sure what the status is of CydiaSubstrate on the Mac (and Lion), but once it is available I'll update Maximizer to use it.)

Version: 1.0 beta 3